An inhabitable space frame (100) can define and support inhabitable living space within,
around and projecting from the exterior of the perimeter of the space frame (100).  The
space frame (100) includes a vector matrix of strut members (105) that defines a plurality
of interconnected basic tetrahedral modules (110) and, optionally, a plurality of prime
octahedral modules (115).  At least a part of each
prime octahedral module (115) in the plurality of
prime octahedral modules (115) is adjacent to at
least two of the basic tetrahedral modules (110).  
Use of one or more right triangular faces, or
planes, within a repeating geometry of a vector
matrix enables an interior of the space frame
(100) to be inhabitable, with horizontal floors and
vertical walls aligned with associated strut
members (105).  

(FIG. 1 accompanies this abstract)