The principals of Sxyzicity, Inc. are working on projects that require financial backing and
joint venture participation with established design/build firms. Upon signing the
Non-disclosure Agreement, further information is available to qualified individuals and
firms who are sincerely interested.   
Estimated Scope of Market Opportunities

  • Large Mixed-Use Projects, world-wide

  • Stadiums, Industrial Projects and Airport Terminals

  • Pubic Works Projects         

  • Third-World Development Stimulation Projects

  • Extraterrestrial Projects
List of Intellectual Property Covered

  • Provisional Patent Application filed August 8, 2008 in USPTO.

  • International Patents Pending under PCT, Patent Cooperation Treaty, WTO, World
    Trade Organization, and the Paris Convention.

  • International Trademark protection coordinated with International Patents Pending,
    filed August 8, 2008 in US

  • Copyrights and other publications, begun on August 8, 2008.

  • Trade Secrets privileged under attorney/client and non-disclosure agreements.   
Market Strategy

  • Present SxyzicityTM to land developers, city planning directors, and architects who
    regularly deliver large mixed-use projects, world-wide.

  • Retain Public Relations firm specializing in marketing new sustainable
    technologies to land development interests.

  • With the establishment of 8.8.8 as the Patent Application start date in the USPTO,
    under PCT procedures, publication of  the invention and pubic exposure is
    expected to bring numerous inquiries.

  • Continue the Incentive Planning program initiated with the NDA to encourage
    loyalty and dedication to the highest standards achievable for the benefit of all
    intelligent life and their environments.
Income Sources of SxyzicityTM

  • Management of A&E fees per Owner/Architect Agreements

  • Management of Construction fees per Owner/Contractor Agreements

  • Royalties from cash flows generated with SxyzicityTM per Lien Agreements

  • Contributions to “Brain Trust” from third party “Sxyzicity FriendlyTM” vendors

  • Sales of SxyzicityTM toy kits & software for A&E study, recreation and therapy
Funding Requested:   US $10,000,000
  • Necessary capital to create a trust fund to secure international patent and
    trademark rights to the intellectual property (IP).                        
                                                                                                        $ 1,000,000

  • Fund Sxyzicity, Inc. to joint venture with international design/build firms to:

1.        Market and manage Sxyzicity
TM  to international markets;

2.        Establish a Research Program to:

              a.       Develop site-ready engineering

              b.       Construct and test structural prototypes

  • Explore,”Sxyzicity FriendlyTM” products  and  services, which will  support”
    BrainTrust”research from contributions.

  • Begin manufacture of SxyzicityTM components for use in projects secured.

$  9,000,000


(Dates from earliest possible, forward, depending on circumstances)

  • 2008  Filed Provisional Patent Application, and Intent to Use International Trade
    Mark designation, with USPTO, August 8, 2008.

  • 2009  Begin Public Disclosure and PCT/WTO etc. process with deadlines
    established for completion of International Patent and Trademark rights.

  • 2010  Continue research, testing, marketing and application of SxyzicityTM to the
    first site-specific project(s), estimated at $10 million minimum per project.

  • 2011  Pay back $10,000,000 funds requested and disbursed, with interest and costs.
  • 2012  Continued operations, worldwide, including in third-world countries in need of
    SxyzicityTM, with royalties based on actual cash flow.
The following area of will be periodically updated with research and
testing models, videos, renderings and further public information. Visit Sxyzicity
often and look in this area for further developments. Thank you for your interest in
SxyzicityTM  Updates and Developments