Summary SxyzicityTM
Space frames are inherently stable, light weight and economical. This invention defines
space frames with non-equilateral geometry so that there is at least one right triangular
face within the tetrahedral modules of its matrix, and or space frames designed for
human inhabitation with horizontal floors and vertical walls aligned with their structural

When one edge of repeating right triangular faces in a space frame is set horizontally
level, adjacent perpendicular edges of those right triangular faces may be set vertically.
This eliminates most interior headroom obstructions resulting from sloping members
within the space frame, making it inhabitable. The use of one or more right triangular
faces, or planes, within a repeating geometry of a vector matrix enables the interior of a
space frame to be inhabitable, with horizontal floors and vertical walls aligned with its
strut members.

This invention offers a way to define and use space beyond the limitations of
three-dimensional geometry.  Defining space in four dimensions, as enabled by
TM  supports inhabitable space frame structures that are stable, light weight,
efficient and environmentally sustainable, responding to issues of population growth,
and for beauty, grace and style.        
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Inhabitable Space Frames
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Land, Sea or Space